officer w baby
Tear-Jerking Photo Shows Officer Comforting Baby CULTURE

When he arrived at the scene of a car crash on Interstate 20, Jefferson County, Alabama, Deputy Ric Lindley noticed a woman who’d been in the accident needed help.

everest girl
The 14-Year-Old Indian Girl Who Conquered Everest CULTURE

She knew nothing of Everest before she began training. I ask if the videos frightened her, but she insists they gave her confidence. “I wanted to prove that girls could do anything, that social welfare students could do anything.”

nike marathon 2
Nike Video About Finishing LAST Is Everything Health

If you have runner friends who like to compare PRs (a.k.a. personal records), it can be a little intimidating to try to get into running.

-Women's Health

Designer/engineer Gianluca Gamba’s Bluetooth speaker definitely falls under the category of left-field design, an audio piece which combines the features of a Bluetooth wireless speaker with the elegance of a tabletop tea light.

-Custom Milk
walk in woods

Thinkers have argued that nature can benefit a person’s mental health ever since Henry David Thoreau shacked up in the woods near Walden Pond. But until this past summer, why nature influences the way we think has remained a mystery.

India’s Rural Farmers Struggle to Read and Write Technology

India has the highest adult illiteracy rate in the world. According to the latest report published by UNESCO, there are 287 million illiterate adults in India—37 percent of the illiterate population in the entire world.

sf food
San Francisco Food Coworking Space Backs Entrepreneurs BUSINESS

When Iso Rabins founded San Francisco’s Underground Market in 2009, he wanted to help informal food entrepreneurs—whether web designers or grandmothers, students or lawyers—share artisanal products with an audience beyond their friends and family.

tiny house3
A Big Turnout for a Tiny House ‘Jamboree’ ARCHITECTURE

A self-proclaimed Tiny House Jamboree drew an impressively large crowd of 40,000 attendees in Colorado Springs earlier this month. The event included a selection of 28 model houselets for visitors to peruse or buy, along with a series of panels.

-City Lab
1st Quadriplegic to Complete Tough Mudder SELF

It’s the toughest race on Earth. Oh, it’s shorter than a marathon. The Tough Mudder is only 5 miles long. Quadraplegic just completed the race in an off-road wheelchair that he controls with his chin

First California wolf pack in nearly a century Environment

A gray wolf pack has established itself in Northern California, state wildlife officials confirmed on Thursday, the first family of wolves known in the state in nearly 100 years.

-LA Now
barber kids
Free Haircuts to Kids Who Read to Him CULTURE

Courtney Holmes, a barber in Dubuque, Iowa, wants to encourage kids to read. So if a child sits in his chair and reads a book to him, Holmes will cut the kid’s hair–for free!

mexico mural
Mexico’s largest mural brightens up town CULTURE

Hundreds of houses in Pachuca, Mexico, have been painted in bright colours by the German Crew artists’ collective in what organisers claim is the country’s largest mural.

-The Guardian
Teens Happier Than Parents Think Health

Teenagers are known for their “wealth” of emotions during their transitional period to adulthood. However, a new study indicates that parents may be misinterpreting their teen’s level of happiness.

-Big Think
Astronauts to feast on space-grown vegetables SCIENCE

Astronauts on the International Space Station will sat down to a very special meal  as they become the first people to ever eat vegetables grown on the station itself.

-The Independent
Anxious Economic Recovery, Told by a Revived Textile Mill BUSINESS

While virtually all the laid-off workers have been brought back and 30 new positions have been filled this year, employees still sometimes find it difficult to shake off the trauma.

-NY Times
nomads on horses
What Tim Cope Learned From Nomads Global

I left my bike trip craving to understand this world, to break out of the confines of normal society, to experience this kind of freedom.

-NY Times
Man swimming in the Ocean
79-Year-Old Norwegian Swims Fjord to Own Wedding SELF

Trygve Bernhardsen, 79, was very excited to marry Ellen Hertzberg, 69 he decided to swim slightly over 2,600 feet of fjord – clad in a bow tie – to marry his bride.

helmet parkinsons
Helmet Can Zap Brain: Ease Symptoms of Parkinson’s SCIENCE

A new non-invasive, brain-stimulating helmet could be the key to alleviating symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.

-Popular Mechanics
The UK's first Share Shop, in Frome, Somerset.
UK’s first ‘share shop’ opens for business Urban

A new kind of shop is aiming to transform the future of retail by lending rather than selling items.

-Positive News - UK
Birch Community Services gives away food SELF

Birch participants agree to use the money they would have spent on groceries and clothes to pay down debt and build up savings, further their education, or upgrade job skills.

-Philanthropy Roundtable
Ontario Mom Is Thankful For The Kindness Of Strangers; Encourages Us All To Pay It Forward
Strangers Feed Parking Meter for Mom CULTURE

Fellow moms on social media came to the rescue of a mother stuck in a hospital–and it only took a handful of quarters to save the day.

-Good News Network
The Happiness Project CULTURE

Most parents have lived with the characters of “The Little Mermaid,

-NYTimes Blog
For Detroit Artists, Almost Anything Goes Art & DESIGN

Mr. Cave, known for his Soundsuits, costume-like sculptures that blend movement and noise, had enormous boxes delivered last Saturday to local dancers….

-NY Times
save fishes
One Man's Quest…. Environment

On over 50 expeditions across six continents so far, Hogan’s been wading through river after river.

A New Look at Apprenticeships SELF

Instead of accumulating tens of thousands of dollars in student debt, Apprentice School students are paid an annual salary of $54,000.

-NY Times
Israel Idonije: A life of service SELF

When it comes to philanthropy, NFL professional Israel Idonije is in a league of his own. Join our conversation with Izzy as we tackle the topic of giving back.

-Think Positive!
The Do-Good Startups of Nairobi Global

A case in point is M-Kopa, which in two years has sold more than 100,000 solar panels to people who live off-grid or have intermittent power.

London's Underground Farm to Start Selling Produce SCIENCE

Beneath LEDs, rows of plants now fill the 100-foot-deep farm, which was designed to hold up to 8,000 people when it was a bomb shelter.

-Popular Mechanics
Kmag Stepping Stones 07
Photographer changes lives — step by step CULTURE

Some folks happen upon their life’s work in a roundabout way. They start down what initially seems a predictable path that — step by step — leads to something much bigger than imagined.

A Rookie's Road Trip SELF

A car-averse traveler finds freedom in the driver’s seat, covering 700 miles and three states over three days.

-NY Times
Micro Lending, Major Impact CULTURE

How the maker of SweetTARTS is combining friendship and capital in one tangy dose.

-Philanthropy Roundtable
Full-Color Videos From Space SCIENCE

They are billed as the first color HD videos of the Earth from space, and they’re startling. These shots of Boston, Barcelona, and London are rock-steady, with cars clearly visible moving on highways.

-Popular Mechanics
NYT article
The Man Who Saw America CULTURE

Last May, Robert Frank, the world’s pre-eminent living photographer, returned to Zurich, the orderly Swiss banking city, cosseted by lake and mountain, where he grew up.

-NY Times
Artha Project Supports Emerging Artists Art & DESIGN

Artists starting out often rely on nonprofits and foundations for studio space and other support, although there are usually more hopefuls than square footage.

-NY Times
tiny house
The Top 5 States for Tiny Homes ARCHITECTURE

Where are the best places to go tiny? To identify states that don’t micro-manage miniature home building, we studied resources, ordinances, and builders in all 50 states.

-Eco Building
Reasons to Stay Positive CULTURE

You surely have heard about “positive thinking

-Think Positive!
Back-to-Back Marathons, Then Fourth-Graders SELF

Barely five feet tall, with long, deep brown hair, Ms. Merino, 34, is one of the top ultramarathoners in the country, routinely finishing among the top three in races of 50 or 100 miles.

-NY Times
tiny house 1
Home Petite Home CULTURE

In the Pacific Northwest, people with nowhere else to go are forming micro-communities with communal kitchens and toilets but teeny, individual sleeping units.

wake forest cancer
$20-Million Gifts Boost Cancer Studies Health

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center will use a $20 million donation to assess the effects of muscadine grape extract on breast and prostate cancers.

basel art
Larger-Than-Life Highlights of Art Basel’s Unlimited Sector Uncategorized

Opening a day before the main fair at Art Basel, the Unlimited sector is devoted to displaying gigantic, bright-hued, deeply ambitious, booth-bursting works that are so epic in scale as to inspire

-NY Times
high school
High School for the Homeless CULTURE

Where 93% of students have no form of permanent housing—earning a diploma means leaving behind their only reliable source of food, clothing, healthcare, and more.

-The Atlantic
Ancient Commodore Runs HVAC for 19 Schools Technology

Somewhere in Grand Rapids, Michigan, there is an ancient Commodore Amiga that is hard at work.

-Popular Mechanics
Stunning Photos Show the Urban Sky Environment

Light pollution makes it nearly impossible for Los Angeles residents to see the stars. So a few years ago, two timelapse artists set out to show people what they’ve been missing.

-Mother Jones
biz accelerator
Famed Business Accelerator Opens the Door BUSINESS

REVVING UP NEW NONPROFITS: Y Combinator, which has long helped tech startups grow, is now applying its formula to charities.

-Philanthropy Magazine
Carlsbad High Snags $50,000 Art & DESIGN

A high school from the Golden State seemed to have the golden touch in this year’s Vans Custom Culture design competition

self taught art
Self-taught Art Blooms Art & DESIGN

At festivals, exhibits and sales, folk art spreads like kudzu across Georgia once the weather warms, and Gainesville’s Quinlan Visual Arts Center is presenting a large regional round-up.

-Atlanta Journal
Color-Changing 'Squid Skin' Designed in Lab SCIENCE

Artificial skin mimicking that of squids and octopuses could one day lead to electronic camouflage suits, researchers say.

polish art
Build It & They Will Come CULTURE

THE small Polish town of Pacanow has survived wars, revolutions and floods. It is a nondescript place, but it has one advantage over cities renowned for their cathedrals and palaces.

-The Economist
man beer
Brain Implant Lets Tetraplegic Man Drink Technology

Scientists at Caltech have developed a implantable brain chip that can translate the intentions of one tetraplegic man into movements of a robotic arm.

-Popular Mechanics
Reap What You Sew Generosity Project CULTURE

The World is a mysterious, sometimes scary, place filled with vulnerable people capable of feeling immense pain.

-Daily Good
Golden retriever puppy are smiling
Service Dog Protects Blind Owner CULTURE

A service dog is recovering from a leg injury after leaping in front of a school minibus to protect his blind owner.

23 Famous Failures to Inspire You to Persevere SELF

Don’t be afraid to fail. In fact, failures often lead to success.

100 Year Old Chalkboard Lessons Discovered CULTURE

Contractors removing old chalkboards at Emerson High School in Oklahoma City made a startling discovery: Underneath them rested another set of chalkboards, untouched since 1917.

-sunny skyz
6 Design Projects Changing the World ARCHITECTURE

The six projects in this section show architects reaching out to a diverse range of communities, from urban neighborhoods to rural villages in Zambia, Kenya, Senegal, and China.

-Architectural Record
System Tracks You Until You Die SCIENCE

Leaf is Bellabeat’s first step in a far more ambitious goal: to create a platform (and attendant devices) that will help women track their well-being at all stages of life.

computer runs on water
Computer Runs on Water Droplets Technology

Both water and magnets wreak havoc on computers. Now there’s a computer that runs on water.

Harvesting Fog Technology

A fog-harvesting system that is up to five times more efficient than previous systems at turning airborne water into drinking water has been developed by researchers at MIT.

-Wired UK
Helping Put Food On The Table Uncategorized

Without electricity to power freezers, food leftovers aren’t really an option in most of India. A 26-year-old grad student had developed a low-cost technology that can prevent tons of food waste.

Food Sharing Communities Environment

When traveling in a foreign country and hungry for something really authentic, I’ve always had the desire to eat with locals.

Dancing Arches: A Welcoming Place Technology

“Dancing Arches

Defribrilators by Drone SCIENCE

A German technology non-profit has put together an autonomous octocopter that can carry a defibrillator, aiming to get to patients faster than an ambulance.

Rid World of Deadly Bacteria Environment

By making water boil at much lower temperatures, scientists are using steam generated by the sun as a way sanitize things in places where unclean conditions often lead to disease and death.

world changing
World Changing Inventions Art & DESIGN

Each year, graduates from London’s Royal College of Art–the U.K.’s preeminent art school–show off projects at the SustainRCA Show. The idea is to give the spotlight to innovative concepts and prototypes.

Algae to Food Technology

While other 16-year-olds were watching TV and hanging out with their friends, St. Petersburg, Florida-native Evie Sobczak was hard at work in her garage developing a device that turns algae into fuel.

Lighting & Creativity Environment

New German research finds a darkened room encourages freedom of thought and inspires innovation.

-Pacific Standard
Breathing Buildings On Th eHorizon ARCHITECTURE

Cities of smooth stone and steel may turn into floating forests – with buildings that can think , breathe and cool themselves, says architect Philip Beesley.

Son Gave Kidney To Save Father Technology

“There was no stopping Tyler. Being his mom, I really didn’t want him to donate his kidney. I wanted it to be me,

-NBC News
Everyone's A Winner CULTURE

High school sophomore Brendan Murphy sent every athlete at the Hudson Valley Special Olympics Spring Games home with a trophy and a smile this year.

Improving Global Food Security Technology

The finalists in the Thought for Food Challenge have some helpful ideas on how we’re going to feed everyone in the world, from reclaiming land to building vertical farms.

Creating Meaning CULTURE

You care most about your personal objects that have heartwarming backstories. The founders of online retailer Madesmith are betting that hearing other people’s stories will make you want to buy their handmade goods.

Urban Farming Helps Urban

In front yards, backyards and on vacant land where nothing but weeds and debris used to be, an urban farm belt is forming.

-Detroit Free Press
10 things
10 Things I Have Learned Uncategorized

The picture above is an example of a game where students have to shoot a soccer ball past the goalie (moved by the opponent). The ball drops down and they get a shot again.

-Education ReThink
learn from
Learn from 8th Graders CULTURE

Essentially, they “taught

Circuits Kill Bacteria SCIENCE

Remote-controlled, dissolvable electronic implants have been created that could help attack microbes, provide pain relief and stimulate bone growth.

fix african
Fix African Farms Technology

Africa could help feed the world if its farmland was properly utilised. Things are starting to change, however, thanks to ideas transforming farmers’ lives.

Bugs Eat Plastic SCIENCE

Psychologist Susan Blackmore suggests a newly evolved polythene-eating bacterium could encourage us to be more sustainable.

Training Honeybees Technology

In Croatia, unexploded mines dot the landscape and still kill people who find them. But a new animal is being trained to locate them for us: honeybees.

New Generation:Philanthropists CULTURE

Donors today aren’t taking any chances. They are flexing philanthropic muscle at a younger age than their predecessors.

-Business Insider
Ron Finley, renegade gardener, says food is both the problem and the solution.
Better Community Health Urban

Ron Finley plants vegetable gardens in South Central LA — in abandoned lots, traffic medians, along the curbs.

first in 400
First 400 Years SCIENCE

The first crane egg in southern Britain in more than 400 years has been laid by a nesting bird.

caring robot
A Caring Robot Technology

Blessed as they are with a healthy diet, plenty of unavoidable exercise and near universal access to cheap medical services, it is no surprise that the Japanese live longer.

-The Economist
fellow student
For A Fellow Student Art & DESIGN

This is kind of awesome. When a teacher at a Michigan high school wanted to help a disabled student get a locker he could open by himself, she couldn’t find any existing products.

Birth By Cellphone Light Technology

In Malawi, as in so many parts of the developing world, pregnancy is indeed fraught with peril.

what makes us
What makes Us Human? SELF

Tales about the origins of our species always start off like this: A small band of hunter-gatherers roams the savannah, loving, warring, and struggling for survival under the African sun.

Harvard Develops Tiniest Robot Technology

Scientists at Harvard University have developed tiny winged robots that mimic insects in nature. They are as agile as real flies.

-The Globe & Mail
Instruments From A Garage CULTURE

Close your eyes and listen to Juan Manuel Chavez launch into the Prelude of Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1, and you would never guess that, instead of spruce and maple, his instrument is crafted from an old oil can

-Mother Jones
Patagonia's Venture Fund Uncategorized

Called $20 Million & Change, the new fund will help spread Patagonia’s lessons about being a responsible company through investments in like-minded businesses.

Soaring High in National Competition SCIENCE

As they walked onto Wayback Farm’s soybean and corn fields for practice, Jasmyn Logan and Nia’mani Robinson examined their handiwork.

-Washington Post
Kickstarter for Classrooms BUSINESS

ouldn’t it be great if we had a way to support the amazing educators who work so hard to expose their students to the world around them?

-Vanity Fair
Vietnamese Kids Smarter Technology

Computer classes start in grade 2. They begin with the basics — which of course includes how to take care of your 5.25″ floppy disks.

-Neil's Blog
A Dieing Art Art & DESIGN

“It is at the moment o f a craft’s disappearance that its cultural value suddenly becomes plain to see.

-Brain Pickings
Investing Where It Counts Global

While the debate continues for how to really truly empower marginalized women, All agree that an investment with the possibility of infinite returns is the investment in young women.

public markets
Public Markets Catalyze Urban

A crowd of Birmingham residents gathered at a community college parking lot in 2011 to welcome a new sight to the neighborhood: fresh fruits and vegetables for sale.

happy states
The Happy States CULTURE

It’s not surprising that people in Hawaii are super happy. But the other states whose residents feel the best might surprise you.

Protein Could Change Biotech Technology

A tiny molecular machine used by bacteria to kill attacking viruses could change the way that scientists edit the DNA of plants, animals and fungi.

human liver
Human Liver Outside Body SCIENCE

A new machine can keep human livers warm and functioning outside the body for 24 hours before successfully transplanting them.

A home under construction in Atlanta late last year. The housing sector is now one of the economy's bright spots.
Housing Rebound Continues BUSINESS

Bloomberg News says that “building permits climbed to the highest level in almost five years, adding to signs of progress in the housing market that’s helping boost the economy.

Namib Desert
Solar Powered Medical Airship SCIENCE

The Solar Ship is designed to shorten the distance between doctors and patients in the developing world, where poor infrastructure often means that remote sick people don’t stand a chance.

3d printer
3D Printers For Organs Technology

Design software company Autodesk has teamed up with bioprinting company Organovo to try to deliver us the future of personalized medicine: new organs that can be printed up just for you.

before birth
Before Birth, Babies Learn Language SCIENCE

Research suggests we pick up on the nuts and bolts of speech six months after birth. But a new study suggests newborns have already learned parts of a language…

Stethoscope: Diagnose Pneumonia SCIENCE

Every year 2.1 million children around the globe die from pneumonia—more than die from HIV, malaria, and measles combined—making it the number one killer of kids under the age of 5.

10 acts
10 Acts of Kindness CULTURE

Sometimes we’re treated to a tale that thrills us to the edge of our seat or touches us profoundly.

Bandage Inspired By Spider Web SCIENCE

These new easy-to-rip-off bandages aren’t just to make your life slightly more convenient. They’re going to play an important role for sick kids in hospitals.

more high school
More High Schoolers To College CULTURE

Today’s high school students are taking more math and science courses and more are going straight to college after graduation than their peers from a generation ago.

Amputee Climbs 103 Stories SELF

A man with a mind-controlled bionic leg climbed to the top of Chicago’s famous Willis Tower Sunday, part of a charity stair-climbing event.

story behind
The Story Behind Sandy's Viral Photo Technology

Of the hundreds of photos that went viral as hurricane Sandy struck the east coast, Nick Cope’s was one of the first.

-American Photo
Biodegradable Shoes Are Here Environment

Most shoes today are manufactured with a variety of thermoplastics, synthetic fibers and foam that are less than ideal for the environment.

art from
Art From Abandonment Art & DESIGN

Street art by nomerz transforms derelict structures.

removing salt
Removing Salt From Water Technology

Desalination is usually a hugely expensive and environmentally costly process, but this simple clay still just needs a little sunlight to render brackish water clean and delicious.

Sculptures Symbolize Perseverance Art & DESIGN

Out of 1,517 entries in 161 venues across 3 square miles, there is one installation that’s causing quite a stir at Artprize in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

-My Modern Met
Robots & Autism Technology

Popchilla might look like an adorable plaything, but it’s way more than that. It’s a special tool that can be controlled by parents or therapists to help interact with autistic children.

making a violin
Making A Violin Isn't Easy Art & DESIGN

Howard Needham is standing in a room deep in the bowels of Catholic University’s Ward Hall, listening to Samantha Cody play violin.

-Washington Post
liquid cooled
A Liquid Cooled LED Bulb Technology

This silicone-filled bulb can stay much cooler than other LED bulbs, which helps it omit a more pleasant, incandescent-like warm light.

homeless to h
From Homeless to Harvard SELF

Boone became homeless as a 14-year-old middle schooler after his house was shot up by gang members, but thanks to his hard work and the interventions of educators, he started at Harvard this fall.

Increase Your Walking Speed SELF

Sick of pedaling your bike? You might like it more when you see this alternative.

wood waste
Wood Waste Stronger Than Kevlar Technology

Ever wondered why paper beats rock in a game of roshambo?  It turns out that cellulose nanocrystals (CNC) derived from wood pulp extract can be used to create one of the strongest materials known to man.

Feet of Engineering Technology

Georgia Tech’s School of Applied Physiology moved into its digs in the Engineering Center building in March 2011, but they’re already having to make some adjustments to the space—and it’s a good problem to have.

-GA Tech Alumni Magazine
street art
Street Art & Spirit Art & DESIGN

These other lenses, such as culture, give us different insights into how entrepreneurial economies function.

Deaf & Hearing Music for the 1st Time SCIENCE

With new hearing aids, Austin Chapman is listening to music for the first time in his life, and it sounds glorious.

-The Atlantic
energy moonlight
Energy from Moonlight Technology

The solar energy designers at Rawlemon have created a spherical, sun-tracking glass globe that is able to concentrate sunlight (and moonlight) up to 10,000 times.

Letters of Fatherly Advice CULTURE

“The secret of success is concentrating interest in life… interest in the small things of nature… In other words to be fully awake to everything.

-Brain Pickings
Vertical Farms Take Root Technology

Instead of amber waves of grain, we may soon be discussing tall metal buildings full of lettuce.

SANTA MONICA, CA - AUGUST 19:  (L-R) Television personality Maria Menounos and actor Harry Shum, Jr. speak onstage during the 2012 Do Something Awards  at Barker Hangar on August 19, 2012 in Santa Monica, California.  (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for VH1)
Young Entrepreneurs Making Impact CULTURE

Changing the world is no easy task. These young adults are solving problems by inventing products or services that help others, in big and small ways.

free rides
Free Rides and Free Books CULTURE

Starting October 24, television host Leon Logothetis will drive from New York City to Los Angeles in a vintage cab, offering free rides to strangers along the way.

Inventions Made by Mistake SELF

9 Brilliant Inventions Made by Mistake | Without a sloppy scientist, a creative Navy officer’s wife, and a hasty sanatorium chef, we might not have penicillin, the Slinky, or Wheaties today.

music glove
Music Glove Helps Paralyzed Vistims SCIENCE

A wireless, musical glove may improve sensation and motor skills for people with paralyzing spinal cord injuries.
Vegetables Grown in Parking Space Technology

Your rooftop farm is cute and all, but this garden in a box could be the true solution to growing produce in urban environments.

magic of
The Magic of Central Park Urban

Reading this volume is a little like a walk in the park with some truly excellent companions… .

-Brain Pickings
gabby Douglas' New Brand SELF

How does this quirky portrait mesh with her new brand as America’s Olympic hero?

7 minutes
7 Minutes of Terror SCIENCE

Adam Steltzner did not give up. In fact, the NASA engineer has spent the last nine years of his life leading a team to solve this problem.

-Big Think
making it to
Making it to the Top SELF

In the past two years, DiGiulian has established herself as the best female climber in the United States and arguably the best female rock climber in the world.

-Washington Post
change life
Change Your Life in 10 Health

Changing your environment is the easiest and most powerful way to change your behavior.

100 design
100 Design Changers Art & DESIGN

Design history books abound, but they tend to be organized by chronology and focused on concrete -isms

-Brain Pickings
Kids of the Google Science Fair SCIENCE

The innovators featured at Google’s science competition have come up with projects that can do everything from helping meth addicts to improving breast cancer testing.

slides off
And It Slides Right Off SCIENCE

SLIPS makes a surface entirely unsticky. The applications are endless: from plane wings to which ice can’t stick to signs that you can’t grafitti on (because the paint slides right off).

craziest sports
Craziest Sports You've Never seen CULTURE

Events like mutton busting, Big Wheel racing and live monster wrestling won’t be featured in London this year

Lifelike Street Art Art & DESIGN

Interactive art has been all the rage. In fact, there’s even an exhibition called the 2012 Magic Art Special Exhibition Of China going on right now in the city of Hangzhou.

-My Modern Met
Incredible Olympic Horse Trek...***EXCLUSIVE***  ZAILISKY MOUNTAINS, KAZAKHSTAN - UNDATED:  Endurance rider Megan Lewis photographed at Zailisky Mountains, Kazakhstan.  A RECORD-BREAKING woman who has trekked on horse back from the Beijing Olympics to the 2012 Games is on the home straight - after a staggering four years. Megan Lewis, 63, has slept inches from scorpions, broken her ribs and suffered a divorce during her 8,000 mile endurance ride spanning 13 countries. The mum-of-three started in October 2008 on the outskirts of Beijing - host to the last Olympic Games. Her trek took her along the Great Wall of China, through the Gobi desert, across the desert flats of Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, France and UK. The endurance rider has covered up to 30 miles a day astride Zorbee her horse - and is now just 32 miles from the finish - the London Olympic Games.  PHOTOGRAPH BY Helen Yates / Barcroft Media  UK Office, London. T +44 845 370 2233 W  USA Office, New York City. T +1 212 796 2458 W  Indian Office, Delhi. T +91 11 4053 2429 W
Riding from Beijing to London SELF

Megan Lewis, 63, who has trekked on horse back from Beijing to London, is on the home straight, after an epic four-year journey.

-The Telegraph
Tweeting Olympians Global

This summer the Twittersphere is booming with #London2012 fever — and we have some seriously social media-savvy Olympians to thank.

better way
A Better Way CULTURE

Sometimes, entrepreneurs decide to turn their business-building skills to good.

-Good Business
Road Sign
Turning Obstacles Into Assets BUSINESS

Extremely successful people treat everything—including obstacles that the rest of us would consider to be problems—as a gift.

Education's Unlimited future CULTURE

New Charter University can be accessed for free online by anyone. Is its freemium model going to truly democratize higher education?

$10 robots
$10 Robot Could Save Schools Technology

The contest is part of Goldberg and Korsah’s African Robotics Network (AFRON), a new organization built to bring robots to Africa.

solar power
Solar Power From Unseen light SCIENCE

There is a lot of the light spectrum that doesn’t register to the human eye (or to conventional solar panels). A new device which could go right on top of existing panels, helps get more of the energy from the sun.

The Truth Behind Happiness CULTURE

Mentally subtracting cherished moments from your life makes you appreciate them more, makes you grateful and makes you happier.

small plots
Small Plots of Land Save Village Art & DESIGN

Land ownership is an important factor in getting people on an upwardly mobile path. But how much land do you need to own? Less than you would think.

computer artist
Computer as an Artist Technology

Meet Brutus, a computer programmed to write fiction. Through a series of mathematical equations, its programmers taught the program the basics of plot, setting, and dialogue…

-Studio 360
good books
How Good Books Can Change You SELF

Ever read a book that’s changed your life? You’re not imagining it — the process of digesting a character or a series of events actually turns you into a different person.

-The Atlantic
t shirt
The T Shirt Battery Technology

A new process that lets cotton hold a charge could be the beginning of a world of flexible batteries.

life lessons
Life Lessons From the Family Dog SELF

In anticipation of more four-legged friends for him, we took Felix to a fenced-in dog run. We ceremoniously unclipped his leash and…

2012 National Geographic Photos Environment

National Geographic just sent us some of their most eye-catching entries from the 2012 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.

-My Modern met
shar9ing bicycles
Sharing Bicycles Saves Lives CULTURE

Urban bike sharing programs improve city dwellers’ lives by offering a convenient way to get around, exercise, and reduce pollution. But could cycling instead of driving could actually save lives?

-Good News
sustainable future
Sustainable Future: 4 Steps CULTURE

In the next 15 years, the course of human society will be drastically altered by new technologies that we can’t even dream of.

restaurant robots
A Restaurant Run by Robots Technology

A robot-themed restaurant is proving to be a success after opening in Harbin, located within northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province.

journey curiosity
The Journey of Curiosity SCIENCE

When NASA’s Curiosity Rover reaches Mars this August, it’ll takes seven minutes to get from the tip of the atmosphere to the surface of the planet.

rock paper
Rock, Paper, Scissors…Robot hand Technology

A robotic hand developed by engineers at the University of Tokyo will take you at rock-paper-scissors three out of three times.

future is better
The Future is better Than You Think CULTURE

Our brains are hardwired to pay far more attention to negative news, than positive stories.

500 mile
The 500 Mile Electric car Technology

To get more out of our batteries, we’re going to have to design them differently. One suggestion: Use the air around them to add to their power.

32 innovations
32 Innovations of Tomorrow Technology

We tend to rewrite the histories of technological innovation, making myths about a guy who had a great idea that changed the world.

-New York Times
Getting short of breath on the last few hundred meters to Uhuru Peak (Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania), just minutes after sunrise. The hiking trail on the crater rim of this dormant volcano goes along impressive but quickly shrinking ice fields.
10 Reasons to Climb Kilamanjaro Environment

Why do 40,000 people a year seek to climb the world’s highest freestanding mountain–a mountain so popular it has become known as “Everyman’s Everest

Dominoes Recreate Van Gogh Art & DESIGN

Watch 7,067 Dominoes Recreate Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night,’ Then Fall Over – The Atlantic YouTube user FlippyCat spent 11 hours building the ultimate tribute to the painter’s masterpiece.

-The Atlantic
donating organs
Donating Organs Through Facebook Health

Right now there are more than 114,000 Americans waiting for kidneys, livers, hearts and other vital organs that could save their lives, according to the United Network for Organ Sharing.

-Mother Nature Network
Tightrope Walk Over Niagra falls SELF

Nik Wallenda walks over Niagara Falls on a tightrope.

solar at night
Solar Power at Night SCIENCE

Danielle Fong might have dropped out of grade school, but that hasn’t stopped her and her company LightSail from finding a way to potentially drastically change how much power we can get from renewable energy.

idaes globe
Ideas From Across the Globe Global

From the good folks at the Infinite Thinking Machine, here’s another fun episode highlighting innovative ideas from across the globe.

customer delight
A Story of Customer Delight BUSINESS

The Ritz-Carlton staff clearly went the extra mile for Chris’s son and I’m sure they’ll be going back, and telling lots of others who will then tell lots more!

-Customer Think
beauty of
The Beauty of Imagination SELF

For the past 20 years, French autistic savant Gilles Trehin has been devising and developing this fanciful megacity, from remarkable architectural detail.

-Brain Pickings
living to 100
Living to 100 and Beyond Health

Doctors say that healthy habits will help get you to age 85, but how to live beyond that remains a medical mystery. We interviewed people in their 100s to find out how they did it.

The Patch That Monitors Your Blood Technology

A new painless patch will soon send your vital signs wirelessly to your phone, giving you constant analytics on your health.

Enjoying Ketchup to the Last Drop SCIENCE

MIT PhD candidate Dave Smith and his team have created a way to empty the bottle once and for all with the help of LiquiGlide.

-The Verge
school of barter
A School on the Barter System CULTURE

Education can be expensive. But a new learning system lets you pay your teachers with your own skills or goods.

space station
Space Station Photos of Earth Global

These amazing photos of Earth were taken by astronauts in the International Space Station through special photographic equipment

-Amazing data
Tiny Companies making Millions BUSINESS

The secret of these successful entrepreneurs is to find where the opportunity is and make sure your product is one that consumers (or commercial customers) can’t live without.

-The Street
MIT Creating Happiness Barometer SCIENCE

The Mood Meter is an interactive technology that encourages, recognizes and then monitors the smiles of a community, providing an indicator of emotional responses to certain events.

coke cams
Coke Cams Capture Kindness SELF

Security cameras may be used to deter the bad guys from committing crimes, but occasionally they do capture acts of kindness by everyday heroes.

Farmers Using Social Media BUSINESS

By helping to spread the message that farming can make for a fulfilling and meaningful life in the 21st century, the Greenhorns and NYFC are hoping to attract a few more new recruits.

-Good Environment
folding bike
Folding Bike Is Changing Transit Urban

Folding bikes are the black sheep of the bike community, neither respected by hard-core cyclists nor frequently used by the average citizen.

-Good Business
The Car That Runs On Air Technology

Electric cars taking too long? There might soon be a new way to power your car gas-free, brought to you by the people behind the world’s cheapest car.

three nerdy
Three Nerdy Super Heroes Technology

Take all the crime data in a city, put it through PredPol’s system, and you will get a good idea of the places police should allocate their resources.

New TV Show Meant to Inspire SCIENCE

A new show on National Geographic traces the history of our greatest scientific breakthroughs.

5 kids
5 Kids Changing the World CULTURE

At Google’s annual science fair, the projects go well beyond making a tornado in a bottle. These impressive kids are doing things like inventing new toilets and giving hearing to the deaf.

honey hunter
The Honey Hunters of Nepal Global

This is not just any honey, and it does not come from just any bee. The Himalayan honey bee, or Apis dorsal laborious is the world’s largest honey bee.

-Visual News
turn trash
Turn Trash Into Power Environment

There’s plenty of ways to keep trash out of the waste stream: up-cycling, incineration, or recycling among others.

satellite financed
A Satellite Financed by T-shirts SELF

Which is more important – the art or the science?

Dark Chocolate Key To Healthy Heart Health

Dark chocolate lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, which are the main culprits in heart attacks and strokes. This delicacy—containing the correct amount of cocoa—is beneficial in preventing heart complications.

-Bug Think
silicon valley
Silicon Valley" Real Things, real Jobs Urban

In the past two years manufacturing has been rising, mostly due to growth in the tech sector: a net increase of 7,300 jobs, up 4.8%.

10 years
10 Years later: Cincinnati Heals Urban

But a little over a decade later, a remarkable transformation has taken place. Over-the-Rhine is a hotbed of new investment.

-Streets Blog
musical wall
A Musical wall at a Hospital Design

At Montreal’s CHU Ste-Justine Hospital, there’s at least one spot where being in the hospital isn’t so bad. It’s a colorful, interactive music wall.

-Co design
rise of micro
Rise of the Micro Economy CULTURE

Are you making money renting your apartment on Airbnb? You’re a Micro-Entrepreneur. As more and more services let people monetize assets and knowledge, it’s creating a new sector of the economy.

-Co Exist
9 year old
9 Year-old Improves School Lunches CULTURE

Education is a difficult industry, and when it comes to deciding how to spend time and money, food is often low on the list.

-Good Is
from old
From Old Park to New Art Art & DESIGN

How do you make an abandoned park into a place people want to visit?

Tomorrow's Innovators CULTURE

The most inspiring leaders are those who are passionate about the subject

twitter and charity
Twitter & Charity CULTURE

Manager of Social Innovation of Twitter, How Not-For-Profits Can Help Everyone Not Stink At Twitter.

robot on shouldr
A Robot On Your Shoulder Technology

The emerging field of telepresence and telerobotics has produced some fairly out-there forms to carry out their functions, and researchers.

How to Stick With It CULTURE

This ability to believe in your vision despite current reality is fundamental. You cannot intentionally change the world without it.

Green From Good Engineering SCIENCE

Alex Knox explains how the objective of making something work better leads to engineering innovations, as well as to advances in sustainable design.

-Fast Company
The Best Sustainable Seafood Health

Environmentally negligent practices make seafood consumption one of the most globally unsustainable industries.

Germany Sets Solar record Technology

Germany’s investment in renewables has seen the country set the world record for photovoltaic energy generation at 22 gigawatts per hour

cultivating desert
Cultivating the Dessert Environment

The Sahara Forest Project has a simple yet ambitious goal: to grow vegetation in the desert.

Armstrong Narrates Moon Landing Uncategorized

The immortal first words on the moon, uttered so shakily by a man who has done his best to avoid the spotlight ever since, are even more impressive in hindsight

Apollo Astronauts Tracked in 3-D Technology

Researchers have used new lunar satellite images to pinpoint exactly where the Apollo 17 astronauts took their iconic photographs of the moon’s surface.

cancer sensor
Cancer Sensor Created by Teen SCIENCE

This new test is better than old tests for pancreatic cancer by astronomical margins. And it was invented by someone who’s still worried about passing his driving test.


Corporate Responsibility at TOMS® provides focus on the environmental and social impacts of their products and operations, responsible giving and employee life.

tracing subway
Tracing Subway Evolution Urban

Each network is the product of hundreds of rational but uncoordinated decisions that take place over many years

An Eisenhower Leadership Lesson CULTURE

Eisenhower achieved great successes and also made mistakes. But whether he was navigating setbacks or achieving triumphs, he led.

-A Man's Life
Library for the Homeless SELF

Two-thirds of poor children have no age-appropriate books at home, and the nation’s 1.6 million homeless children have even fewer options.

creating living
Creating Living Buildings ARCHITECTURE

The Living Building Standard results in some of the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly structures around. It’s also incredibly difficult to achieve. Is it truly changing the way we design buildings?

when brain
When Brain Injuries Create Geniuses Health

As physicians come to understand more about acquired savants, might it be possible to reproduce the effect in otherwise normal individuals?

-Big Think
energy gym
The Energy Gym CULTURE

Those 15 minutes on the elliptical machine might end up being worthless to you, but at this outdoor gym in England, it might mean enough juice to charge your phone.

-Fact Co
The Blind Changing the iPhone CULTURE

At first many blind people thought that the iPhone would never be accessible to them, with its flat glass screen. But the opposite has proved true.

-The Atlantic
Forest in the Big City Environment

If naked reinforced concrete is a symbol of Brazilian architecture and urbanism, in few places it can be seen as in Sao Paulo, the largest city in America at 11.3 million people.

How Dogs Beat The Neanderthals SCIENCE

Over 20,000 years ago, humans won the evolutionary battle against Neanderthals. They may have had a little help from their best friends.

-The Atlantic
robot spider
"Robot" Spider Weaves Web Technology

This three-week-old robot created at the MIT Media Lab’s Mediated Matter group is spinning a web. Or maybe it’s more like a cocoon.

drug seeks
Drugs Seek to Stop Alzheimer's Medicene

Experts say the study will be one of the few ever conducted to test prevention treatments for any genetically predestined disease.

-New York Times
The Environment & Creativity SELF

For most of human history creativity was something that came from the muses; it was about flashes of insight from another world.

-Big Think
Father teaching son to ride bicycle
Encouraging Kids CULTURE

Raising the aspirations of children—especially those who are economically disadvantaged—has been a popular prescription for many years, and it’s not hard to see why.

-Mind Shift
Shipping Container Cities Environment

“Containers as architecture are just one of the ways in which we can look at objects and find new uses to them. The modular nature of the containers,  make them an ideal prefab material.

-Sustainable Cities
Paralyzed Student walks SELF

Four years ago, Austin Whitney, then 18, lost control of his car while drunk driving and crashed into a tree, instantly severing his spinal cord and paralyzing himself from the waist down.

informal recyclers
Informal Recyclers in Brazil Technology

Brazil is now trying to turn this army of informal recyclers into a crack recycling operation capable of collecting and selling a city’s recyclables without central coordination.

-Co.. Exist
Mothers Are Special Too CULTURE

Whenever there’s a tedious new eruption of the so-called Mommy Wars (watch out, Ann Romney), I summon up an indelible image of my mother from when I was around 11.

-The Globe and Mail
better than
Better Than an Igloo ARCHITECTURE

Building incredibly efficient buildings is hard enough, but it gets a lot harder when you have to make them be able to work in the freezing conditions of rural Alaska. These buildings do it, and cheaply, too.

still racing
Still Racing at 70 SELF

When he starts to forget why it’s important to keep racing, a cyclist is saved by a race he’ll always remember.

Artificial Retinas & Blind Patients SCIENCE

This pioneering treatment is at an early stage of development, but it marks an important step forward in an effort to help those who have lost their sight from a condition known as retinitis pigmentosa.

paralyzed woman
Paralyzed Woman + Marathon SELF

This is one of the most inspiring stories we’ve ever seen: Claire Lomas of the U.K. was paralyzed from the chest down in a horse-riding accident five years ago.

-Popular Science
food factory
Food Factory Transformed Environment

It may not look like much on the outside, but over the next few years a former food factory in Chicago is going to be turned into a lean, mean, food growing machine.


Sports fans are also benefiting from pre- and post-game activities, with big screens, retractable roofs and moveable seating allowing for the stadium to be used year-round regardless of weather conditions.

Eternally Motivated SELF

Motivation — often, many struggle to stay motivated right till the end. It can be the difference between winning and losing, between victory and defeat, between success and failure

-Pick the Brain
Unknown Inventor Saving the World SCIENCE

Ashok Gadgil is a professor at UC Berkeley. But in his spare time, he’s come up with solutions for water, cooking, and energy quandaries, improving lives from the Sudan to India.

-Co. Exist
20 inspirational
20 Inspirational Quotes SELF

“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.

-Finer Minds
what was picasso
What was Picasso Like Art & DESIGN

Roland Penrose finally met Picasso in Paris in 1936 after being captivated by a reproduction of a Picasso work: Nude Woman Lying in the Sun on the Beach, 1932.

teaching chuildren
Teaching Children Urban Design Art & DESIGN

Several organizations exist to combat this and give teachers lesson plans to teach children about community development and architecture, such as the Center for Understanding the Built Environment and ArchKIDecture

-Urban Times
siz year old
Six year-old Computer Expert SCIENCE

How often do you see a six-year-old kid who’s been creating video game emulators since he was four and knows computers better than most adults?

how green
How Green Cities Clean Up Trash Technology

Producing more trash means wasting more money and using up more resources that could be put to better use.

wheel alignment
Students Invent a Pothole Repair Technology

A little Newtonian fluid pothole filler could spare your wheel alignment after a harsh winter.

-Popular Science
Making Smarter Computers Technology

By studying how toddlers learn and adapt to the world around them, computer programmers are trying to create smarter computers

-Co Exist
Hitchcock on the Secret of Happiness SELF

In this brilliantly wise and articulate short excerpt from an archival interview, the great Alfred Hitchcock shares his definition of happiness

-Brain Pickings
deer shaped
Deer Shaped Electrical Towers Technology

Unlike the human-shaped electricity pylons, the animal towers appear more natural. They don’t seem to visually disrupt their surroundings.

-Modern Met
Harvesting Fog SCIENCE

A fog-harvesting system that is up to five times more efficient than previous systems at turning airborne water into drinking water.

-Wired UK
Improving Dental Care in Nepal Medicene

Spero learned that people expected their teeth to rot and fall out with age. They did own toothbrushes; they just didn’t use them often.

-Washington Post
passion projects
Passion Projects Changing The World Again SCIENCE

Sometimes businesses need leaders to make changes.

Restoring Pride CULTURE

In the Soviet era, Russian science was lavished with money and resources. Can a new tech city reverse its fortunes?

Teddy Cruz SELF

Learning From Tijuana: Hudson, N.Y., Considers Different Housing Model

-The New York Times